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Arquivo UFO Revelam Que São Reais E Que Sobrevoam As Bases Da Força Aérea

Os arquivos secretos liberados pelo governo da Grã-Bretanha (os quais incluíam uma quantidade de arquivos dos EUA), mostram que OVNIs realmente sobrevoaram em 1975 as bases aéreas dos Estados Unidos (bem como Robert Salas e outros declararam em uma Conferência de Imprensa em 2010).

Nos documentos há registros de jatos caça que foram enviados para interceptar os OVNIs, mas cada vez que tentaram contato, os OVNIs desapareceram. Em um notável registro de eventos, um estranho jogo de esconde-esconde parece ter ocorrido, quando os jatos conseguiam fixar nas luzes dos OVNIs, mas logo os perdendo de vista quando chegavam perto, pois os OVNIs apagavam as luzes. Quando os jatos se afastavam, as luzes dos OVNIs apareciam novamente.

Estes arquivos foram encontrados sobe a título ‘Mystery Helicopter Buzzes Air Force Base‘, ou “Helicóptero Misterioso Voa Baixo sobre Base da Força Aérea” (Arquivo – DEFE24/2026 p473-478). Embora um helicóptero é mencionado especificamente em dois relatórios, porque um misterioso helicóptero pairou sobre e depois aterrissou em uma base altamente secreta, com armamentos nucleares? Não teria ele sido derrubado? Continue lendo em OVNIHoje

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  1. Dear Sir or Ma'am,

    The comments pertaining to Robert Salas' claims as a UFO expert as a result of his experiences during the alleged UFO events at Echo Flight and Oscar Flight in March 1967 fail to take into account the widely known facts of Salas' very poor credibility and his numerous lies to the public. There were no UFOs involved at Echo Flight at all, and the incident at Oscar Flight never even happened. The men who have spread these lies, primarily Robert Salas and Robert Hastings, have done so for their own benefit, and they have proven to be both dishonest and wrong on numerous occasions in numerous ways. I would recommend that if you are truly interested in knowing what actually occured at Malmstrom AFB in March 1967 you go to the following URLs, where you can download at no cost the book and supporting articles discussing the case:




    I would also recommend that you examine the numerous interviews and articles at the Reality Uncovered website: http://www.realityuncovered.net/ -- the top seven articles all discuss the events at Echo Flight in March 1967, and include interviews with both the commander and the deputy commander at Echo Flight on March 16, 1967 when the missiles were taken offline by an electronic noise pulse.

    A lot information regarding this incident can also be found at the Reality Uncovered forum, in particular the Echo Flight Incident thread: http://www.realityuncovered.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=1688&sid=fb3fd24f098c0f3bc35595ea1b41a146.

    Tim Hebert, an ex-USAF missileer himself, has also written some enlightening articles regarding the case on his blog at: http://timhebert.blogspot.com/

    Dr. David Clarke, for many years an accepted expert regarding the British military forces' investigations of the UFO phenomenon for many years, has also discussed this case in the context of the "UFO and NUkes" connection asserted by author Robert Hastings. You can read his article on the subject at http://drdavidclarke.blogspot.com/2010/11/flat-earth-nukes.html.

    The lies currently being spread by Robert Hastings and Robert Salas have not merely been outed as an irresponsible interpretation of the actual events, they have been repeatedly proven to be lies as a result of both witness testimony and documented evidence. There is no doubt whatsoever that they created this case for their own benefit. There were no UFOs involved -- it is a lie, and nothing more.

    As for other possible UFO cases, I doubt that alien spacecraft were involved, but other than that, I really have no opinion. Frankly, I don't know very much about other cases, and would never, for that reason, venture to put forth my own opinions as more viable than another's.

    Thank you,
    James Carlson
    Albuquerque, NM

  2. Thank you for participating in our first blog, but nevertheless I am happy to say that I issued no lie not only the theory based on the facts of the Internet!